Fully Integrated Client Communications

Let each Space become your home for easy, flexible client interactions. From instant messaging to integrated video chat, you can provide clients with a versatile communication platform that keeps everyone  on track.

Live Chat

Instant communication for swift collaboration

Chat with your clients across the Space, in private, through the activity feed and beyond while keeping an eye on everything through your communication hub.

Space Chat

Space chat lets you keep everyone aligned with group conversations. If a client has questions, any participant can respond quickly in real-time.

Private Messaging

If you have sensitive information to share or simply prefer to be discreet, just click on the 3 dots near a user’s name and start a private chat. 

Object Threads

Collaboration is quick and easy with object threads that let you leave comments, share feedback, and keep the conversation focused on priority items and specific topics. 

Communication Hub

Review any and all of your Space Chats, Private Messages, and thread comments from your very own comms hub. You can also use it to quickly jump in and out of Spaces or associated objects. 

Video Call

Secure video call, accessible from anywhere

Host secure video calls with anyone in or outside your Space through our unique web-based tool, no plugin required.

Integrated Space-based Video

Engage your clients with integrated video calls and screen sharing. Your Space lets you host  meetings so that any client conversations are centralized, accessible and convenient.

Instant Guest Access

What if you want to extend a one-time invitation to users outside your Space? Easy. Calls are accessible via shareable web links, so all your contacts need to do is join the call from their preferred email address.

Web-based Video Tool

There’s no plug-in required or account necessary. Video calls are web-based so they work across all devices or browsers to provide your clients with convenience and simplicity.

Data Encryption

All video calls are fully encrypted with your privacy in mind. Maintaining the data security of each Space is our top priority.

Enjoy full access to any message or call as needed so that you can always respond in time.