Share and Request Files

Share and Request Files Securely In Your Space

Never depend on a third-party app to transfer large attachments again. Welcome Spaces lets you host files and request documents from any user, as well as limit access to sensitive files through permission settings.

File Sharing

One Space to share all files

Welcome Spaces supports hosting all types of files and unlike WeTransfer or other services, your uploads never expire.

Support for All File Types

Each Space can host any type of file with a maximum size upload of 250MB per file. It’s the perfect Space to store business documents, spreadsheets, images, videos, and more!

Hosted Files Never Expire

Many third party apps let you host files temporarily by generating downloadable links that eventually expire. Files shared in a Space are always available and don’t expire until you remove them.

Access Rights Under Your Control

Simple permission controls let you decide who has access to your most sensitive documents at any time.

File Requests

Make requesting files easy

Welcome Spaces doesn’t just allow users to attach files, you can also request them! Submitting a request is easy, and the nice thing is, it’s discreet – only the assignee can view the request. 

Easy Request Creation

Need a file? Simply open a request in the activity feed. Requests are limited to one file at a time, which is perfect for when you need multiple documents and don’t want your clients to miss a single one.

Request Documents Discreetly

Users can only see file requests assigned to them, and no one else. So you can ask for documents from everyone in your Space at the same time without overwhelming their activity feeds with unrelated notifications.

Instant Access at a Moment’s Notice

Skip the hassle of combing through your email for that one shared file. Newly fulfilled requests always appear on the right-hand side of the screen so you never need to scroll through the feed to find important files.

File sharing in Welcome Spaces is designed to be quick and easy, because we understand how valuable your client’s time is.