Document Library

Host Your Own Document Library

A single dedicated database hosts all of your private content, making it easy to share anything and everything with clients in just a few clicks.

Welcome Spaces private document library
Organized library
Centralized Library

Keep your content organized and accessible

Discover the simplicity of a centralized content library with everything on-hand when you – or your clients – need it the most. 

Connected to every Space

Your account’s library is like a second home for any files associated with clients. Transferring documents out is simply a matter of deciding which Space to send them to.

Folder organization

Organizing files in your library is even easier with a dedicated folder system to keep content in its proper place. You can even apply a folder system unique to each Space so you and your clients will always have the right information close by.

Preview any file easily

Our integrated file viewer allows users to preview almost any documents in their correct format, so you don’t have to download a file to see it! 


Intuitive and Integrated Search Functionality

No library would be complete without proper indexing. There’s no need to tag files; just enter any keyword in the search bar to find what you’re looking for.

Search Keywords in documents

Dedicated keyword research

File indexing is done automatically, so everything is easy to retrieve. That way you’ll never miss a beat in any client meeting if you need to pull up a file at a moment’s notice. 

Find the right passage

What if you want to find keywords within the document viewer without downloading a large file? No problem. Everything in your library is easily searchable for quick information retrieval.

Search and retrieval system that puts any document at your fingertip.