Visibility for all with custom notifications

Welcome Spaces was founded on a pillar of fairness. That’s why our notification system is designed to offer you and your clients the same level of visibility across all Space activity.

Welcome Spaces Build trust though visibility
In-App notifications

Build trust through visibility

You and your clients can keep track of every event in your Space with in-app notifications that track the latest activity and events.

Fair visibility over notifications

Your clients will appreciate being kept in the loop at all times with notifications to let them know whenever you share a file, post a note, send messages or even open a document.

Deeper level of knowledge

Whenever either party opens a shared file for the first time, the other will get an instant notification. Clients will see you’re on the ball as you follow up with support moments after they open your latest document.

Email Notifications

Send the most relevant updates straight to your inbox

Customize the frequency of email notifications through preferences to ensure you only get the most relevant client activity updates in your inbox. 

Welcome Spaces Instant Notifications

Instant Notifications

Instant notifications pop up in your account to inform you about anything from chat messages to new files, comments, notes, or whenever someone accesses a shared doc for the first time.

Daily Digest

For those who prefer not to be submerged in instant notifications, there are daily recaps. These notifications are designed to give you a little recap each morning of the previous day’s activity. 

Timed Notification Settings

We all know that some clients need just a bit more attention than others. For those special relationships, you can customize the instant notifications delay for every Space where it's needed.

Never miss a beat with a customizable notification system.