A better customer experience begins in a Space

Finally, a client portal that just makes sense. Welcome to a space designed to simplify and facilitate client collaboration with all the tools you’ll ever need, right at your fingertips.

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Private Spaces

Invite your clients to experience a unified view of your business relationship in a simplified, private Space. You have the flexibility to share permissions with whoever you want and collaborate in a way that’s convenient for everyone.


Break free from your inbox and stay in touch with anyone, any way you prefer- from video calls, to chat messaging, or through notes and comments. It’s easy to adjust your communication style to your client’s preferences.

Share and Request Files

Skip the hassle of relying on third-party applications and share large files directly in your Space. File requests make it easy to let clients know what they need to provide, when and where.

Meeting Companion

Save time with customizable templates, take notes during meetings, and easily share documents. At the end, your meeting companion will automatically generate a shareable summary in your Space.

Document Library

Enjoy access to all your assets in a single tool that enables you to share anything you need in just a few clicks. With Welcome Spaces as your client portal, everything you need to collaborate is instantly available, accessible, and easily searchable.


Offer your clients more control and a deeper sense of trust in the relationship by providing them with full visibility on Space activity with notifications. Be notified when something is shared, or when someone accesses a document.

Client relationship starts with smooth collaboration

Simplify every exchange, centralize information, and deliver a satisfying customer experience
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Welcome Spaces?

We’re glad you asked! Welcome Spaces is a new and innovative way for you to collaborate with clients. You can create private Spaces for each of your relationships and keep communication and exchanges organized in a simple feed.

Welcome provides you with all the tools you need to save time and adapt to clients’ changing expectations, specifically the need for simplicity and security.

What is the difference between a Space owner, collaborator and guest?

The Space owner is the person creating the Space. They have managing rights over the guests, can schedule video calls and perform any actions in the Space.

A Collaborator has all the same rights as the Space owner, but they cannot delete or archive the Space.

A Guest can perform most of the actions in the Space. They cannot, however, schedule a video call, share a meeting summary or have managing rights over other guests. They cannot delete or archive a Space but they can leave it whenever they want.

How many guests can I add to a Space?

As many guests as you'd like!

Do I need to download an application?

You do not need to download any application to enjoy Welcome; it is a web-based platform accessible on any browser and device, making it a truly convenient way to connect with customers!

How many people can use one Welcome Spaces license?

Each licensed user requires their own license. For security reasons, people should not share an account. If you do not wish to pay however, Welcome Spaces offers free licenses, which come with limitations.

How can I use Welcome Spaces for my organization?

Welcome Spaces offers great customization for enterprise level accounts. We work closely with our business clients to integrate as seamlessly into their ecosystem as possible. This can include- and is not limited to-  APIs, CRMs, ERPs, CMS and diverse data sources.

To find out more, contact our team!

How do Spaces work?

Spaces are so easy to use! Start by creating and naming your Space, then simply invite guests.

Each Space has a permanent activity feed, which provides you and all Space participants with a view of the relationship over time. All events will appear here: video calls, shared or requested documents, meeting summaries and added notes and webpages.

Over time, Spaces become an archive of your relationship.

Is Welcome Spaces secure?

Yes. You can securely exchange in Welcome Spaces.

Welcome was designed with privacy in mind. Each Space and video call is encrypted, and offer many ways to ensure all shared information- conversations and files- are safe and secured.

We deliver enterprise-grade security at every level, adhering to multiple compliance certifications, including SOC2 Type II.

Learn more about our security practices.

Is Welcome Spaces free? Do I need to pay for my guests?

Welcome offers a free version with certain limitations compared to our full version. However, there is no limit as to how long you can enjoy it!

And no – you do not pay for each guests!

Do I need to add a credit card to start with Welcome Spaces?

Never! Starting to use Welcome does not require any commitment on your end.

How does the subscription work? Can I cancel my subscription?

Currently, as we celebrate our launch, we offer every new member one year of free Premium account. At the end of your free year, you will have the choice to downgrade to our always-free account or pay the monthly subscription fee.

Note that we do not ask for your credit card information at the time of your account creation!

Where can I find Welcome Spaces' terms of use?

Welcome Spaces’ Terms of Use can be found here.