Successful client relationships start in a Private Space

Give your clients the flexibility and freedom to collaborate with ease.


Collaboration is better in good company

A good Space owner is like a good host: they send out invitations in advance, share responsibility with a co-host, and check in on everyone to make sure they have what they need.


Invite as many clients as you’d like into a single Space, or offer them each their own. Invitees will enjoy access to most features except video call scheduling and document requests.


Owners can turn colleagues into collaborators with all the same permissions: inviting new clients, setting their permissions, and working hand-in-hand. The difference? They cannot delete or archive a Space.1


See when Space participants are online or offline in real-time so you can always be ready to jump in at the right time or offer support as needed. 

Activity Feed

Stay aligned, always

Your Space’s activity feed is designed to offer a full view of your client relationship over time. The more you use the Space, the more detailed and beneficial the feed becomes!


Anyone with access to your Space can share and post objects in the activity feed. Pass notes back and forth, attach large files, upload or request documents, or even plan video calls.

Rights & Permissions

Configure your Space to suit the needs of your clients with full account control. You can set permissions at the object level that restrict access to your most sensitive files.


Leave comments on feed objects, share thoughts on specific files and keep the conversation going in a public channel. 

Extra Tools

More tools for more convenience

There’s so much more you can do with your Space than you might think. Live chat functionality and file discoverability is just the beginning.

Space Chat

Stay in sync with your clients or keep teams aligned through chat messaging at Space level. Anyone can ask for help and get the answers they need when they need it. 

Recent File sharing

Don’t waste time searching for documents or old file requests. Your Space comes equipped with instant access to all shared Space files and requests on the right-hand side of your screen.


Every aspect is easy to manage

Owning your Space is simply a matter of overseeing your collaborative efforts and archiving each Space when they’re no longer needed. When an owner is ready to move on, you can simply transfer ownership to a collaborator.

Transfer Ownership

Changing owners for any reason is simply a matter of transferring control to a collaborator so someone new can run the show. They’ll enjoy all the same rights and permissions as the previous owner. From your clients’ perspective, your Space will stay the same. 


When you’re finished with a project and no longer need the Space it can be easily archived. The Space will become a log detailing the event history in case you need a reference or a record of what happened. You can even reactivate it as needed without missing a beat.

It’s easier than ever to build your own Space and deliver a seamless experience to your clients.