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Use WelcomeSpaces to find your professional and conduct all your transactions in complete peace of mind. Our client spaces are 100% encrypted, and all information is stored on Canadian servers.
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WelcomeSpaces has a SOC 2 Type II certification, ensuring processes and data security across all vectors of the company.
SOC 2 Type II
All WelcomeSpaces servers runs on Canadian servers, allowing for securised and private data storage.
Servers located in Canada
With 2-step account verification, every members and professionals are verified. Forget spam visitors, we make sure every connection between a professional and a member is a real one.
All data generated from visiting and interacting with WelcomeSpaces platforme is entirely encrypted for maximum privacy security.
Data Encryption
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Keep track of all your interactions with your professional.

Send your documents securely and get notified when your professional accesses them. Maintain visibility over all your interactions with a dedicated space for you and your professional.
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Your financial assistant powered by artificial intelligence

The Sérafin project aims to make financial information accessible and understandable for everyone, with the ambition of continuously improving to become a reference in financial advice.
Thanks to multi-agent artificial intelligence technology, Sérafin and its team of AI finance specialists can answer questions about the CELIAPP or the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP), or even calculate the tax return on an RRSP contribution.
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WelcomeSpaces FAQ

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Is it free to be a WelcomeSpaces member?

Absolutely! Using the various tools provided by WelcomeSpaces to connect with professionals is, and will always remain, 100% free for our members

If you are a professional wishing to showcase your profile on our directory, find more information on the professional page.

What financial professionals are available on WelcomeSpaces?

WelcomeSpaces brings together a variety of professionals from the financial field, including financial planners, CPAs (Certified Public Accountants), insolvency professionals, financial security advisors, scholarship representatives, damage insurance and life insurance brokers, lawyers, mortgage brokers, and real estate brokers.

Each expert is ready to support you in your financial journey.

How does WelcomeSpaces ensure the security of my information?

The security of your information is a top priority for us. We use advanced encryption protocols and technologies to ensure the confidentiality and security of all communications and data exchanged on the platform. The client spaces that you create with your financial professionals are secure and accessible only by you and the relevant professional.

WelcomeSpaces has a Soc2 Type II security certification.

Can I freely choose among the professionals on WelcomeSpaces?

Absolutely! You have the complete freedom to browse our professional directory and compare profiles, services, and reviews to select the professional that best matches your financial needs and goals.