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Affordable and impactful online presence.

Stop spending a fortune to create and maintain complex websites. With WelcomeSpaces, secure your online visibility with an all-in-one web solution.
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Every financial professional can benefits from a fully-featured web page for maximum visibility, easy outreach and turnkey experience.

Customizable Website

Optimize your online presence with a turnkey professional page: simple, effective, and with no hidden costs. Ensure your visibility and make client outreach easier.
WelcomeSpaces optimizes the visibility and content of every professional profiles listed in its directory.

SEO Optimization

Our platform automatically optimizes your content for search engines, thereby increasing your visibility to a targeted audience.
Every financial professional that is listed on WelcomeSpaces have access to a free blog editor to share their knowlegde and improve their online presence.

Blog Editor

Your best marketing tool is your expertise. Publish with ease, boost your SEO visibility, and become a financial authority for a qualified audience, without the hassle of a traditional blog.

Qualified traffic, effortlessly.

Amplify your professional reach with ease: WelcomeSpaces merges the precision of AI with an integrated marketing approach to drive qualified traffic straight to your expertise.
Avatar of Serafin, the first multi-agent AI financial assistant for personal finance.

Serafin : AI Financial Assistant

Serafin attracts organic traffic from members actively seeking financial advice. Serafin connects you with potential clients who are looking exactly for the expertise you offer.
The WelcomeSpaces teams constantly drive organic qualified traffic to its directory and can also boost profile visibility in search results and social media with customized marketing campaign.

360 Marketing Campaigns

Boost your visibility with our targeted campaigns, tailored to the needs of Quebecers. Without any additional effort on your part, attract potential clients precisely when they're searching for your services.
WelcomeSpaces polls the nation on financial subject and gets media coverage, enhacing the stature and credibility of all financial professional listed on the platform.

WelcomeSpaces Studies

Our studies grant us a significant media presence, reinforcing the platform’s stature as a reference in the financial field. As an affiliated professional, you gain in visibility and credibility.
A financial professional benefiting from easy qualified leads, 360 marketing campaigns and visibility through WelcomeSpaces functionalities and studies.Avatar and message bubble from Serafin, the first multi-agent AI assistant to help people discover and understand personal finance subjects.

Success Testimonials

What professionals already on WelcomeSpaces are saying
Image of Frederic D'Amato leaning against a wall
I'm back from vacation with 4 new WelcomeSpaces contacts and from those, 2 appointments already booked. So far, this platform has been beneficial for me. My ROI is already close to 100% and I appreciate the platform's service!
Image of Frederic D'Amato leaning against a wall
WelcomeSpaces is a very nice discovery. It allowed me to create business relationships with other professionals in addition to being approached directly by clients for their damage insurance needs!
Frederic D'Amato
Damage insurance, Préventia Assurance
Testimonial Image
WelcomeSpaces contains all the tools to maintain a relationship of excellence with my clients and it also offers me visibility - allowing everyone to find me easily. In other words, "qualified leads" come directly to us. It's awesome!
Charles Leclerc
Financial security advisor, WFG
Picture of Claudia Merlitti
I registered on WelcomeSpaces in order to increase my online visibility. I met quality clients there and obtained a 5X ROI in less than a month!

Simplified client communication and management

Wave goodbye to inconvenient and unsecured client-professional exchanges.
A personalized client Space to discuss, exchange and collaborate privately in one single place. A phone allowing live chat between financial professionals and their clients.
Icon representing Spaces, a WelcomeSpaces features that lets financial professionals collaborate and exchange privately in a centralized client portal.

Spaces: Client Portal

Take advantage of secure Client Spaces for private communications and document sharing, with an instant notification system.
When members access WelcomeSpaces directory or Spaces, they can message live with financial professionals.

Live Messaging

Make client outreach easier by adopting instant messaging; it allows for simple, quick interactions, catering to potential clients' preference for chatting over phone calls.
WelcomeSpaces client Spaces records every interaction, allowing for easy regulatory checks.

Compliance support

Simplify your compliance with centralized exchanges. The activity history feature provides an instant overview of all client-professional interactions, easing your regulatory follow-up.
WelcomeSpaces lets financial professionals connect their calendar to their page, allowing visitors to book meeting in a completely integrated and worry-free way.

Appointment Booking

Incorporate online appointment scheduling into your strategy; it's flexible and customizable to your needs, providing your clients with all the necessary tools to easily get in touch with you.

Your security comes first

You entrust us with your personal information, contacts, and professional data, and we do not take that lightly.
Shield in cloud representing WelcomeSpace's pledge to data security for its members.
WelcomeSpaces has a SOC 2 Type II certification, ensuring processes and data security across all vectors of the company.
SOC 2 Type II
All WelcomeSpaces servers runs on Canadian servers, allowing for securised and private data storage.
Servers located in Canada
With 2-step account verification, every members and professionals are verified. Forget spam visitors, we make sure every connection between a professional and a member is a real one.
All data generated from visiting and interacting with WelcomeSpaces platforme is entirely encrypted for maximum privacy security.
Data Encryption
A mosaic showcasing a variety of Canadian and international company logos representing the numerous professionals you can find on WelcomeSpaces.

Join over 75 companies from Quebec

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Professionals - FAQ

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What is WelcomeSpaces and how can it benefit my financial services practice?

WelcomeSpaces is an innovative platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to directly connect financial professionals with clients in Quebec. Our mission is to simplify access to financial expertise, providing you a comprehensive, fixed-fee online presence where you can enhance your visibility and foster authentic client connections without the need for advanced social media skills. It's the digital marketing solution designed specifically for the financial industry.

How does the matching process work on WelcomeSpaces?

WelcomeSpaces utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to connect financial professionals with clients in need of their services. Serafin captures the financial requirements of our members and uses this data to match them with the right expert – that’s where you come in.

We don’t just rely on match-making algorithms; our extensive 360 marketing campaigns and in-depth research on the Quebec market help drive organic traffic to the platform.

We target individuals actively searching for financial services, which increases the chances of creating meaningful engagements between you and potential clients. This approach ensures that you receive leads that are not only well-suited to your expertise but are also genuinely interested in the services you offer.

What is the cost of joining WelcomeSpaces as a financial professional?

We offer a clear, upfront annual subscription model with a fixed fee. There are no hidden charges or commission-based structures to worry about. Our pricing is designed to respect your financial planning and predictability.

For detailed pricing information, visit our pricing page.

Will my clients' and my information be secure on WelcomeSpaces?

Absolutely, data security is a cornerstone of our platform. We offer secure and private client Spaces for effective conversations and document exchanges, ensuring all your interactions and sensitive information are protected with the highest standards of privacy and compliance.

For more information on our privacy policy, visit our page.

How will WelcomeSpaces enhance my online visibility and client engagement?

Our platform positions your professional profile in an easy-to-search directory accessible to our AI and members. Features like instant messaging, appointment scheduling, and the ability to contribute to our financial knowledge base through blog writing will showcase your expertise and proactivity to potential clients.

What happens if I don't receive any client leads?

While our AI is designed to efficiently match you with clients, engagement depends on numerous factors. We recommend optimizing your profile, actively participating in our knowledge sharing, and utilizing all the digital tools provided. Our team is also on hand to support you in maximizing your reach.

Are there any additional benefits to joining WelcomeSpaces?

Yes, beyond the core functionality of connecting with clients, you also gain access to a growing community of financial professionals on the platform, opportunities for cross-referrals, and regular insights and updates to help you stay at the forefront of digital marketing and business development in the finance industry.