The 8 Most Important Features of a Client Portal

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Feb 15, 2023

Financial professionals understand the importance of providing their clients with a secure, efficient, and transparent experience, and a client portal can help them do just that!

Financial professionals understand the importance of providing their clients with a secure, efficient, and transparent experience. A client portal can help financial professionals meet these needs while also helping them better manage client relationships, automate certain processes, and improve the overall flow of communication between clients and themselves. A client portal is a secure online platform that allows clients to manage and access their financial accounts, investments, and documents in a secure online setting. It offers a convenient platform for clients to view their financial information, securely share documents with their financial professionals, and even make payments.

Top 8 most important features of a digital portal between clients and financial professionals.

1. Security & Authentication

A client portal should offer extensive security and authentication features to ensure client data is secure and only accessible to authorized financial professionals and clients. That way information is never compromised and clients can safely access their own information.

2. Account Aggregation

Account aggregation allows clients to view all of their financial accounts in one place. It’s important for financial professionals to be able to offer this service so that their clients can have an easy overview of their financial lives, while also allowing them to discuss their finances with their professionals. 

3. Document Management

A client portal should offer a secure, easy-to-use file storage and sharing function. This allows clients to securely share documents with their professional, and ensures that all data is stored safely and can be accessed whenever necessary. 

4. Task Automation

Task automation features help streamline processes. This is especially beneficial for financial professionals since it allows them to quickly and easily respond to any document requests from their clients. 

5. Secure Messaging

A secure messaging feature allows financial professionals and their clients to communicate in a secure, private way. This helps to ensure confidential data is not compromised and that clients can confidently share their financial information online.

6. Client Portal Reporting

Client portal reporting features can allow financial professionals to quickly and easily generate reports for their clients. This is beneficial since it can save time, increase accuracy, and provide clients with up-to-date information about their finances. 

7. Video Conferencing

A video conferencing feature allows financial professionals to hold secure online meetings with their clients. This helps to ensure clients can easily discuss their finances in a secure, private setting. 

8. Automated Notifications

Automated notifications can alert financial professionals when certain events have occurred or when specific criteria have been met. This can be especially helpful for financial professionals who are managing large portfolios, as it can help them keep up with changing market conditions and help them respond quickly to any financial events that may require their attention. 

Overall, a client portal is an essential tool for any financial professional looking to provide secure, efficient, and transparent services to their clients. By offering features such as security and authentication, account aggregation, document management, secure messaging, client portal reporting, video conferencing, and automated notifications, financial professionals can ensure that their clients receive the best service possible, while also ensuring that financial data is kept safe and secure.

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