All the answers to your finance questions

Get instant, personalized financial insights with Serafin, your personal intelligent financial assistant.
portrait of Serafin, you personal, intelligent financial assistant to answer all your financial questions and find you real experts based on your situation.
profile previews of experts available on WelcomeSpaces that supports Serafin when you need themprofile previews of experts available on WelcomeSpaces that supports Serafin when you need them
Illustration of Serafin, WelcomeSpaces new AI financial assistant siting on a pile of gold coin, waiting to answser your questions
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The Serafin Project

The Serafin Project, initiated by WelcomeSpaces, aims to enlighten Quebecers about their personal finances. Using multi-agent artificial intelligence technology, Serafin and his team of AI finance specialists can answer questions about the FHSA or the Canadian Dental Care Plan, or even calculate the tax return on a RRSP contribution.
Serafin offers personalized answers, making financial information accessible and understandable, with the ambition of continuously improving to become a reference in financial advice in Quebec.
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Image of multiple independant and institutional professionals available on WelcomeSpaces: Cassy Falker Planiprêt, Claudia Merlitti BCGO, Fabien Major Assante, Patricia Carrier Remax, Guillaume Lavoie IA, Frédérick Arsenault IG

All the answers to your financial questions

WelcomeSpaces is the first platform in Quebec that offers you free and direct access to online finance professionals. Whether for advice on retirement savings, tax filing, or real estate investment, we are the solution.
In just a few clicks, benefit from personalized answers thanks to our AI tool and a wide range of competent and certified experts attentive to your financial needs:
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Tax Tips & Expert Perks

Financial Planners, Tax Specialists and CPA are adept at identifying a range of deductible expenses and credits that many taxpayers overlook. By consulting an expert found through WelcomeSpaces, you could discover hidden benefits such as optimizing your RRSP contributions, leveraging tax credits for education or eco-friendly home renovations, and much more. Maximize your returns while minimizing the stress of tax season – let an experienced professional guide your financial journey.
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Serafin AI, provided by WelcomeSpaces, is an informational tool and not a substitute for professional financial advice. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information generated by Serafin AI is accurate at the time of publication. Our AI offers suggestions, not decisions—always consult a qualified expert for your specific needs. Information by Serafin is for educational use; any action taken upon this information is at your own risk. WelcomeSpaces is not, under any circumstances, responsible for any inaccuracies in AI-provided content nor are we responsible for any potential investment or contractual losses resulting from the use of Serafin AI. Use Serafin AI responsibly and seek professional guidance where needed.