The 2024 budget delights some Quebecers: Up to $1,627 in your pockets

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Mar 13, 2024
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Government employee holding the 2024 budget

The introduction of the 2024 budget by the Quebec government proposes a targeted adjustment of tax rates, leading to moderate tax reductions for taxpayers.

Through careful analysis, we find tax measures that offer up to $814 in reductions for individuals and up to $1,627 for couples. Let's examine these planned changes and their expected impact on the Quebec tax landscape in detail. 

A strategy for adjusting tax rates 

At the heart of these budgetary innovations is the modification of tax rates for certain income brackets: 

  • First bracket: A reduction in the tax rate from 15% to 14%, thus directly impacting the first income brackets of taxpayers. 
  • Second bracket: The rate for the second income bracket goes from 20% to 19%, expanding the field of beneficiaries of this tax relief. 

Financial impact of tax reductions 

The budget aims to lighten the tax burden on individuals and families: 

  • For individuals: The reduction could reach up to $814 depending on individual tax situations. 
  • For couples: The measure could result in a reduction of up to $1,627, depending on combined income and cohabitation situation. 
  • Global Impact: These changes are supposed to benefit a wide range of taxpayers, reflecting a significant total economy on the tax paid by citizens. 

Implementation of measures and imminent consequences 

The announcement also includes specifics on the implementation of these reductions:

  • Adjustment of source deductions: Implementing these reductions from July 2023 means that individuals will see the effects of these changes on their available income almost immediately. 
  • Possibility of reimbursement: Taxpayers who have paid an excess tax before the adjustment may be eligible for a refund when filing the 2023 tax return. 

Outlook and context 

By making these adjustments, the Quebec government aims to offer relief to the tax burden of taxpayers in a context of economic uncertainties. Although these measures do not constitute a comprehensive reform, they are presented as a step towards individual and family support, while keeping in balance the need for responsible and viable taxation.

These changes in the 2024 budget therefore aim to inject some flexibility into the budgets of Quebec households, while maintaining a balanced and pragmatic approach to the management of public finances.

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