Welcome Spaces Carbon Neutral Badge

Our pledge to carbon neutrality

The invisible cost of doing business.

Did you know

One hour of video call can emit between 150 and 1000 grams of CO2? According to MIT’s latest research, remote working in 2021 has caused carbon footprint to grow by 34.3 million tons. 

To counter this, we would need a forest twice the size of Portugal!

Welcome Spaces carbon compensation certificate from carbone boreal

Our first step towards climate positivity.

Through Carbone Boréal, we are offsetting 100% of Welcome Spaces’ carbon emission. This Quebec based organization is both a greenhouse gas offset program, via tree planting and a research project led by the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi.

A word from our founder

We took advantage of the pandemic to completely rethink what we do in order to enact sustainable and responsible principles aligned with client needs as well as environmental challenges. It was extremely important for us to develop a solution with a zero carbon footprint.

Together, committed to a brighter future.

The Quebec boreal forest includes natural open woodlands, which do not self-regenerate. With the help of Carbone Boréal and its plantation facility, these woodlands are revitalized and can serve as research facilities, which mainly focuses on themes related to carbon sequestration by plantations and adaptation of the boreal forest to climate change.


Trees planted


Compensated CO2 tons