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Find independent experts and professionals from Canada's leading firms.
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Creating a financial destination - together

Coming together as financial professionals on one platform doesn't just build a community, it creates a destination for potential clients.
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Showcase your expertise and offerings, with our AI SmartBio for effortless bio generation.
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Elevate your brand with custom banners and colors tailored to your identity.
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Enable instant client connections with simple live chat and contact forms, alerts via inbox or SMS.
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Easily manage client bookings with our included solution or link your preferred scheduling tool: Calendly, Outlook, TidyCal, etc.
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Offer multiple contact options, making it easier for clients visiting your page to reach you.
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Boost your online authority by linking to your site and social profiles directly from your profile.
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Enhance your SEO and visibility by publishing financial insights directly on your microsite.

Your own personalized microsite

Your custom microsite serves as a your online business card - highlighting your services and expertise, while offering clients easy ways to connect and engage with you.

Your own personalized microsite

How we attract clients

Enhanced with artificial intelligence innovations

Serafin, the first financial assistant in Canada, is designed to answer potential client's questions and seamlessly match them with the expertise they need.
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Boost Visibility with Media Partnerships

Benefit from our media partnerships through co-authored articles and more for increased exposure.
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readers have investments of over $100,000
business owners, senior executives, and managers
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Benefit from continuous 360 Marketing

Experience unmatched visibility with our 360 Marketing strategy, maximizing your outreach.
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When professionals get together, they attract more clients

With our ever-growing number of financial experts, WelcomeSpaces is quickly becoming the go-to destination for financial advice.
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Your microsite on Google’s first page

Microsites are optimized for search engines to help you score higher on Google for both your industry and region.
91% of financial professionals see their WelcomeSpaces microsites surpass their own websites on Google’s search results!

Unlock the power of
Financial Artificial Intelligence

Effortlessly create blog posts, presentations, and other content using our financial AI Generator. Trained and continuously updated for Canadian Finance, enrich your content by uploading your own files. Position yourself as an industry expert and improve your Google ranking with finance-focused content.
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Performance Insights

Have full visibility over your profile’s performance with our analytics. Discover key trends and understand your marketing effectiveness with ease.

Security. Encryption. Compliancy

You entrust us with your personal information, contacts, and professional data, and we do not take that lightly.
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WelcomeSpaces has a SOC 2 Type II certification, ensuring processes and data security across all vectors of the company.
SOC 2 Type II
All WelcomeSpaces servers runs on Canadian servers, allowing for securised and private data storage.
Servers located in Canada
With 2-step account verification, every members and professionals are verified. Forget spam visitors, we make sure every connection between a professional and a member is a real one.
All data generated from visiting and interacting with WelcomeSpaces platforme is entirely encrypted for maximum privacy security.
Data Encryption

Success Testimonials

What professionals already on WelcomeSpaces are saying
Image of Frederic D'Amato leaning against a wall
I'm back from vacation with 4 new WelcomeSpaces contacts and from those, 2 appointments already booked. So far, this platform has been beneficial for me. My ROI is already close to 100% and I appreciate the platform's service!
Image of Frederic D'Amato leaning against a wall
WelcomeSpaces is a very nice discovery. It allowed me to create business relationships with other professionals in addition to being approached directly by clients for their damage insurance needs!
Frederic D'Amato
Damage insurance, Préventia Assurance
Testimonial Image
WelcomeSpaces contains all the tools to maintain a relationship of excellence with my clients and it also offers me visibility - allowing everyone to find me easily. In other words, "qualified leads" come directly to us. It's awesome!
Charles Leclerc
Financial security advisor, WFG
Picture of Claudia Merlitti
I registered on WelcomeSpaces in order to increase my online visibility. I met quality clients there and obtained a 5X ROI in less than a month!
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Join over 75 companies across Canada

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Professionals - FAQ

meet answers

What is WelcomeSpaces and how can it benefit my financial services practice?

WelcomeSpaces is an innovative platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to directly connect financial professionals with clients in Quebec. Our mission is to simplify access to financial expertise, providing you a comprehensive, fixed-fee online presence where you can enhance your visibility and foster authentic client connections without the need for advanced social media skills. It's the digital marketing solution designed specifically for the financial industry.

How does the matching process work on WelcomeSpaces?

WelcomeSpaces utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to connect financial professionals with clients in need of their services. Serafin captures the financial requirements of our members and uses this data to match them with the right expert – that’s where you come in.

We don’t just rely on match-making algorithms; our extensive 360 marketing campaigns and in-depth research on the Quebec market help drive organic traffic to the platform.

We target individuals actively searching for financial services, which increases the chances of creating meaningful engagements between you and potential clients. This approach ensures that you receive leads that are not only well-suited to your expertise but are also genuinely interested in the services you offer.

What is the cost of joining WelcomeSpaces as a financial professional?

We offer a clear, upfront annual subscription model with a fixed fee. There are no hidden charges or commission-based structures to worry about. Our pricing is designed to respect your financial planning and predictability.

For detailed pricing information, visit our pricing page.

Will my clients' and my information be secure on WelcomeSpaces?

Absolutely, data security is a cornerstone of our platform. We offer secure and private client Spaces for effective conversations and document exchanges, ensuring all your interactions and sensitive information are protected with the highest standards of privacy and compliance.

For more information on our privacy policy, visit our page.

How will WelcomeSpaces enhance my online visibility and client engagement?

Our platform positions your professional profile in an easy-to-search directory accessible to our AI and members. Features like instant messaging, appointment scheduling, and the ability to contribute to our financial knowledge base through blog writing will showcase your expertise and proactivity to potential clients.

What happens if I don't receive any client leads?

While our AI is designed to efficiently match you with clients, engagement depends on numerous factors. We recommend optimizing your profile, actively participating in our knowledge sharing, and utilizing all the digital tools provided. Our team is also on hand to support you in maximizing your reach.

Are there any additional benefits to joining WelcomeSpaces?

Yes, beyond the core functionality of connecting with clients, you also gain access to a growing community of financial professionals on the platform, opportunities for cross-referrals, and regular insights and updates to help you stay at the forefront of digital marketing and business development in the finance industry.