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AI Connectivity: introducing you to your next ideal client

Powered by artificial intelligence, WelcomeAI provides an analysis to identify the financial needs of our members and guide them towards the most suitable experts, thereby optimizing the quality of matches and client satisfaction.
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Whether it's to find better insurance, purchase a home, plan for retirement, or file taxes, our members find all their financial experts online at WelcomeSpaces.
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New Generation of Clients

Our traffic primarily consists of young professionals and entrepreneurs looking to conduct business remotely. Cultivate lasting relationships with the new generation of clients who recognize the importance of strategic financial advice.

Online Presence That Stands Out

Our SEO experts generate organic traffic to your professional page, optimizing your online visibility. Your professional page becomes your digital storefront to a qualified clientele.

The Power of an All-in-One Solution

A comprehensive and cutting-edge technology designed to meet all your needs. An instant messaging system, secure client spaces, and a tailored notification system that allows you to stay up-to-date.

How it works

Your professional profile in our directory is your one-stop shop for your online presence.

Your own
Professional page

Add your profile to our directory of professional and grow your clientele. List all your services, personalize it with your logo and colours, include your email address, phone number and external links.

With Welcome Spaces, get contacted by the new generation of clients, not just leads.

Get contacted by clients

In one click, engaged and qualified prospects can send you a direct message or book you a meeting. Receive a notification by SMS and get in touch quickly to seal the deal.

Let’s face it, the new generation doesn’t want to take the phone.

Collaborate in private spaces: exchange documents, request files, make video calls, share notes and more!

Work together,

Do business 100% remotely, with a private Space. Everything you and your clients need: live chat, video call, document exchanges, online signature and more.

Keep your relationship centralized and complete history of your exchanges. Perfect for those impromptu audits!

Echoes of Success

What professionals already on WelcomeSpaces are saying
Image of Frederic D'Amato leaning against a wall
I'm back from vacation with 4 new WelcomeSpaces contacts and from those, 2 appointments already booked. So far, this platform has been beneficial for me. My ROI is already close to 100% and I appreciate the platform's service!
Michel Lefebvre
Financial Planner,
Image of Frederic D'Amato leaning against a wall
WelcomeSpaces is a very nice discovery. It allowed me to create business relationships with other professionals in addition to being approached directly by clients for their damage insurance needs!
Frederic D'Amato
Damage insurance, Préventia Assurance
Testimonial Image
WelcomeSpaces contains all the tools to maintain a relationship of excellence with my clients and it also offers me visibility - allowing everyone to find me easily. In other words, "qualified leads" come directly to us. It's awesome!
Charles Leclerc
Financial security advisor, WFG
Picture of Claudia Merlitti
I registered on WelcomeSpaces in order to increase my online visibility. I met quality clients there and obtained a 5X ROI in less than a month!

What the Media Say About Us

Stories and articles about what WelcomeSpaces is doing in the field.
" The application uses artificial intelligence to establish the best possible match between professionals' offerings and clients' needs. Accountants, insurers, mortgage brokers, lawyers, among other specialists, are just a click away for those in need. "
" The tool is user-friendly. With just a few clicks, users can find the expert they're looking for based on their specific needs and expectations. "
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Professionals - FAQ

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What is Welcome Spaces? How does it work?

After reading that 72% of Millennials and Gen Zs declared needing financial advice, but had no idea how to found help, we decided to help them.

We created a platform connecting the new generations to the professionals they need and giving them all the tools required to collaborate remotely.

A public directory allows them to browse by profession or by services. From there, they can easily send a message and start chatting with a professional. Once both agree to further discuss, the professional can create and invite the new client to a private Space.

Clients can have more than one private Space - one with each of the professionals they've contracted. Making Welcome Spaces a centralized place for all their professional resources.

What are private Spaces?

A private Space is a place where clients and professionals can collaborate. It offers everyone in the Space the tools they need to make remote collaboration as seamless as can be.

Together, they can exchange notes, and documents, chat live or even jump on video calls. All activities appear permanently in the Space's feed, which over time becomes a diary of the relationship.

Spaces help clients and their professionals to stay organized, keep things simple and save time!

Is Welcome Spaces secure?

Data security in our technology, operations and overall business practices are paramount. Welcome Spaces offers and applies enterprise-grade security at every layer, adhering to multiple compliance certifications, including SOC2 Type II.

Welcome Spaces’ data is safeguarded by a security infrastructure, including encryption via industry-standard SSL/TLS protecting your data from unauthorized access and potential corruption. All of Welcome Spaces' data is hosted on Canadian servers.

Can I use Welcome Spaces with all my clients?

Absolutely! Welcome Spaces can be used independently from our directory. You can start a private Space with any of your clients, inviting them to join in just a few clicks.

Offer them simplicity and organization with Welcome Spaces - clients are always and forever free.

How does the AI diagnostic tool of WelcomeSpaces work?

Our AI diagnostic tool is designed to ask members a series of simple questions in order to assess their financial needs.

Based on their responses, the tool develops a customized financial action plan and suggests competent professionals, like yourself, who can help them achieve their financial goals.

It's fast, user-friendly, and personalized to provide them with the best experience.

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WelcomeSpaces is firmly committed to achieving carbon neutrality, harnessing the power of technology and online services to deliver borderless financial expertise while reducing our ecological footprint.
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