Simple organization for client-professional collaboration

All the tools you need to do business remotely, right at your fingertips.

Welcome Spaces allows for private and secure collaboration between professionals and clients.

Collaboration is better in good company

Private and secure - Spaces are only accessible by invitation.


A Space can host as many people as required. Clients have access to most collaborative features, except for video call scheduling.


As a professional invite colleagues to assist you with a client by turning them into collaborators. Give them more permissions, while staying the owner of the Space.

Online Status

Be mindful of when Space members are active so you can jump in when needed or provide help when necessary. 

Activity Feed

Keep an organized trace of everything

Your Space offers a complete view of your relationship over time. All exchanges, documents, notes and meeting dates are permanently available in your activity feed.


Everyone in a Space can share objects in the activity feed. Pass notes back and forth, attach large files, or request documents.

Rights & Permissions

Manage access to your most sensitive files. Every time you share something, set permissions and restrict who can view it.


Leave comments on feed objects, share thoughts on specific files and keep the conversation going in a public channel. 

Live Chat
Video Call

Connect with your expert when needed

Maybe you have a quick question, maybe you need reassurance - in any case, your professional is always one click away.

Space Chat

Space chat keeps everyone aligned with a group conversations. If you have a question, any one in the Space can respond quickly in real-time.

Private Messaging

If you have sensitive information to share or simply prefer to be discreet, click on someone's name and start a private chat.

Video Call

Easily jump on secure video calls with anyone in the Space. Accessible directly on the web - no need to download anything.

Communication Hub

Review all of your Space chats, private messages, and thread comments from your comms hub. Use it to quickly jump in and out of Spaces or objects. 

File Sharing
Document Requests

Securely host and share files with no expiry

Welcome Spaces lets you host and share heavy files and unlike any third-party solution, your uploads never expire. You can even fulfill document request directly in your Space.

All Files Type Supported

Your Space can host any type of file with a maximum size upload of 250MB per file, with a free account.

Files Forever Hosted

Many third-party apps let you host files temporarily by generating downloadable links that eventually expire. Files shared in a Space are always available.

Manage Access Rights

Simple permission controls let you decide who has access to your most sensitive documents at any time.

Easy Request Creation

Need a file? Simply open a document request and assign it! Requests make it easy to know exactly what to provide, when and where.

Organized File System

Skip the hassle of combing through your email for that one shared file. All files exchanged in a Space are easily accessible from the right side.

Start managing your finances with simplicity